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  • How long does an average project take and what are the costs?
    Projects do not take long because I use Wix templates. Prices depend on requirements, such as hosting plans with extra addins like shopping cart, booking engine etc. All are as per Wix pricing and totally transparent .
  • How is your work different from other designers?
    No need to re-invent the wheel, the designs are already tested and bug proof, you have a working site within minutes. In addition you have online notification of visitors to your site and a convenient chat function to communicate with potential customers.
  • What is your design process? What is included?
    Your requirements and input are the cornerstone. Basic SEO and social network set up also included , plus a promotional video and email campaign, and 6 months free maintenance. Price starts at € 200 and includes free logo, design , QR code png file for your contactless business cards. 1 year of hosting with a basic plan of connect domain and domain name purchase (for a year) if you dont already have one . ​
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